Come and have a WONDERFUL time during BLACK HISTORY MONTH as the Big Soul Project choir and Deep Groove Band perform with special guest Michael Hanna!

It’s going to be an AMAZING SHOW!


March Event!



Black History Month is a time to share black history, culture and music.  This year “The Colour of The Drum” is a show designed to paint a picture of how vital the music of the drum was and still is.

How the drum can stand on its own and how it has infiltrated into the vocal musical styles of today. 

The show is designed to entertain while sharing history about two drums in particular: the Steel Drum from Trinidad and the Djembe from Africa.

We invite you to come not only for the HISTORY but also for the EXPERIENCE.



Tickets available online


Fourth Avenue Baptist Church, 109-A Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON K1S 2L3

(613) 236-1804